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alittleprince's Journal

4 November
a ragamuffin child
aemilia lanyer, american lit, amélie, anthropologie, antique books, audrey hepburn, babar, baking, bb king, beastie boys, bill murray, billie holiday, black sabbath, blues travelers, bob dylan, bob marley, bollywood, books, bookstores, breakfast, breakfast at tiffany's, breakfast foods, broadway, cabaret, canada, chicago, chick peas, chinese takeout, clip on earrings, cucumbers, curb your enthusiasm, degrassi, disney, dr. suess, edgar allen poe, edie brikell, f. scott fitzgerald, fashion, father ted, faye dunaway, film, film club, french, frenglish, frida kahlo, gardening, georgia o'keefe, ginger ale, golf, good things, grateful dead, greece, hiking, hunter mountain, igby goes down, india, indian food, indian music, indie films, indie movies, indigo girls, jane austen, japanese food, jazz, jean-pierre jeunet, jerry seinfeld, jet, kayaking, ladysmith black mambazo, larry david, les miserables, little shop of horrors, lord of the rings, madonna, mambo, martha stewart, mary wells, marykate and ashley, minis, monsoon wedding, montauk, montreal, monty python, muffins, national spelling bee, neil young, new york, no doubt, old books, phish, photography, piper jr, pippin, pistacios, pointy shoes, prada shoes, quebec city, rain, rationalism, reading, rhinebeck, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, saabs, saratoga water, seinfeld, sex and the city, simon and garfunkel, snowboarding, sunglasses, surya namaskar, susannah mccorkle, sushi, swimming, swing music, tennis, the andrews sisters, the color of water, the graduate, the new yorker, the pixies, the royal tenenbaums, the simpsons, the spectrum, thoreau, tibet, tracy chapman, traveling, trigger happy tv, truman capote, tubing, uranus, vail, vintage tees, white saab, willa cather, women literature, writing, yoga, yoga purist theory