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[12 Sep 2005|03:10pm]
Oh My God. I am so out of control excited right now.

Martha Stewart's new show "Martha" premiered today.
And I am going to get tickets to see it live.
And I applied to be a guest on the show.
And I entered the contest to win a trip to NYC and get VIP tickets.
And I am I going to see Martha Stewart, my idol, no matter what, within the year.
And my heartrate is increasing every second I think about the above.
And I am so happy.

Oh, McGill is sweet too by the way.

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[25 Mar 2005|03:17pm]
I tried to go snowboarding today to find out that the quad had been shut down. Perfect. Immediately upon learning this news, I wanted to go kayaking. Then I saw the foot of snow on the ground. Perfect.

I am holding up pretty damn well in school. This is due to two reasons. one: I've been "spicing it up" and two: i bet bloodbath mcgrath that I would not get senioritis. So there you go.

I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing from 10:30-5. It would have been perfect if my mother did not keep calling and asking me why I was still home. She thinks i lead a more exciting life than I do. Well, really, I was just tired and in cleaning mode. Since my dad forgot to pay the cable bill, I finished my Seinfeld DVD (prep for May 17th) and watched Forrest Gump. I checked the mail a couple (six times) waiting for the mail truck to come and bring me my mcgill package. I wait with eager anticipation for this time.

I am waking up early tomorrow just so I can be at St. Sophia's by 10:30. Gotta love Greeks.
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fucking awesome [18 Mar 2005|08:43pm]
In the words of my dear dear friends Nellie and Stutz...

McGill Hearts Ali.

and I send out the following message in return: Ali Hearts McGill.
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it smells likes ugly people in here [16 May 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok. i cannot go to school tomorrow. i just can't. this week needs to be over, now.

weekend re-cap!
friday we (me, nell, jo, rachel, e. bean, and stutz) went to el loco! (I always thought el loco should have an exclamation point, it's crazy!) we had a lovely conversation about how freakish home schooled kids are. ha, they can have class rings. "mixers". afterward we waddled (it seemed approp, don't worry about it) on over to ben and jerry's where i wish to return shortly so that I can lock someone in the ice cream basement there. probably a certain "president adams" child, hopefully.

saturday, mamasita and i went to the mall. i loathe the mall. i cannot handle being there, but alas I often find myself sucked into its powers. i got a skirt and a nice green khaki jacket...i officially have too many jackets/coats. then we went on over to greek FESTIVAL. i need to vent about something now: I do not understand why "greek fest" (it pains me to call it that) is such an event for people my age at least in ahn. at least two weeks prior to the event i heard people in the hallway saying, "OMG! I CANNOT WAIT FOR GREEK FEST! IT IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME THIS YEAR! I LOVE GREEK FEST!". Here's my question: what the hell is so special about st. sophia's annual greek festival. i go every year and all i can see that they have is food (not good greek food either), small children dancing, and old mean pushy greek women. where is the appeal in this? why is this an event?! it's a church function! is there some underground partying going on there that i am unaware of?, i doubt it. ... The only thing that is fun about greek fest is my mother pointing at people and saying "they're not greek" "they're definitely not greek" "not greek either". The greek culture is an elite club. they think they are the best and they think everyone else are far below them on the earth ranking of the best group of people. Visiting with my greek family is nuts. they need to stop. now.

...later that same saturday we (me, nell, e.bean, and mahoney) headed out to boston to go see the strokes. we had some time to kill before the show while we were in boston so we decided to get something to eat. i really wanted to go to a nice restaurant but to my dismay, the rest of the crowd just wanted fast food. i was a very unhappy camper. so unhappy that I actually said to mahoney, "this place smells like ugly people". but it was not that weird, it really did. if you think like ali does, dirty people are ugly people and dirty people smell so using some crazy algebraic rule ugly people in turn smell. ... i don't like boston. they need to stop catering to tourists, its weird.

the concert was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! we all snagged ourselves some free posters and at the end of the night were all drenched (i am not exaggerating, unfortunately) in our own sweat. it was nasty but so much fun. "This isn't a baseball game" "You're making me sick" "Shut the FUCK up!" These losers sitting in front of us left a quarter of the way through the show b/c it was so hot. who leaves a show because its too hot? only fools.

i leave with a parting quote:

scene::ali and nellie driving at night somewhere in the jungle of bethlehem, as we see a deer ahead...
nellie: woah, that deer is skinny
ali: ok nellie, are we getting to the point where we are jealous of deer?

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[08 May 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am so cool.

I built a workbench/area today. I did not even have plans to. I walked outside this morning right when I got up and I thought to myself (as all people do one time in their life) "I need a work bench. I am going to build one. Now." It took some time but it's complete. It still needs a screen for fly-away tile, wood, etc. and a waste pull out but only so much can be accomplished in a day. Once my work station was completed (minus a nail I needed but was too lazy to go get), I started on a mosaic pot for mother, lucky kid she is. I need to do some serious yard sale hunting for dishes. Anyone have any extra dishes lying around that they don't need? (come now, everyone has dishes just lying around. EVERYONE.)

AP History test is ova'. I never would have gotten through so nicely without do a little twist before hand. "I'll throw a little twist your way". Unfortuneately, my plan to just stop doing the test halfway through and get up and lead everyone else in a twist dance-athon out of the room and through the hall did not happen. I wish I could make a video of me twisting (and doing the twist face, according to mahoney) and put it in the entry. Well, I am sure you know what it looks like, and if you don't you are failing.

Now, on to the actual test, minus all ridiculous plots of mine. It was fine. French and Indian War as DBQ? THE BEST. Everyone loves the French and Indian War, it is the second best war in my mind. No war can ever top the Aroostook War of 1839. As far as wars go (which isn't very far mind you) the Aroostook War owns. ...I love how I rate wars. The only other thing about the test that I wish to comment on is that I was pleasantly satisfied about the number of questions concerning women's history, I know that some militant feminist made sure of that.
...am I saying too much about the test? I guess I must be considering -in the words of julipanna- "you can not even tell a question to your grandmother on her death bed". oh collegeboard, you folks crack me up. I could totally work for them. I would be the person who makes sure that there are questions on revisionist history and of course, the Aroostook War. I would also be the person who would make up questions that are seemingly ambiguous, but aren't. those fuckers.

hopefully my life will be a little less stressful now that ap is ova'. I am so pumped for Barnard/Columbia this summer. It is going to be the best. They keep sending me surveys about what kinds of things I want to do, i.e. broadway shows, television audiences, restaurants, gaming events, shopping, and all sorts of good stuff. I want to go kayaking so bad. curse the fact I do not have a wet suit. I want one so badly. Phil said he saw one in the want ads. There is no way I am wearing a used wet suit. I shudder at the thought.

haha, my sister just let the cake fall. opened the oven before it was ready, she's so smart. baking cakes is trixy.

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i hate poppers [02 May 2004|07:01pm]
Kristof Annestis!

That was spelled incorrectly, but it’s the message that counts. That’s what happens when you go to the Greek Orthodox Church…they trap you.

It’s been sometime since I last updated but I’ve been busy. I have done some forward thinking and my conclusion is that May 20th I will be free of many conflicting things in my life. May 20th. I will be able to start planning Martha Stewart Party II, finish at least one of the six books I am in the middle of right now, go kayaking, bake muffins, and just be.

Pretty Woman just came on the t.v. :::shudder::: That is a bad sign.

I am not in the mood to write more so I now depart…

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senor swanky [12 Apr 2004|04:18pm]
went to columbia/barnard today.
cannot express this new found love.
want to go very badly.
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i come to see how the balloons are doing [10 Apr 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yes (nods head in agree to self-produced thought). I have been to every thrift/consignment/vintage store in uptown. it was a battle, but i made it through...

even though it pisses off jo, i am never getting my ears pierced. clips and screw backs are so much better especially because you can only get used ones, which are so much special. step out of the spotlight stutz, i finally found some delightful clip backs. the war is on.

we went to this one thrift you store which was so jam packed with stuff it was dizzying. you could not even get to a quarter of the store because all this stuff was piled up above your heads. I managed to find a fist edition sinclair lewis (babbit!) novel from 1935. It was very exciting and the very irish man workiutng there gave it to me for $20, when it was priced $30 because I am young and people feel bad for young-ins who have no money but still pretend they can afford an antique book collection. in a consignment store i found a red longchamp backpack, the exact one i was asking for for chirstmas for only $40. go me. i saved 70 dollars.

at breaky this morning (where i got eggs benny!) there was this old lady sitting across from us. she was one of those fabulous old ladies and pointed out a branch across the street that had some popped white balloon remnants on it. she told us how she has been coming back every day since she saw those balloons get caught in there the a couple days ago. no one is allowed to steal this. it was the most lovely thing i have ever heard in my life. period.

i dont have to go back to school for a week. please let it be a long one.

i need to admit that i just watched beavis and butthead. no more explanation is needed or desired.

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outside outside outside outside! [09 Apr 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i am in the city. hoorah! I have not been here for 24 hours yet and already I have done some extreme shopping (which reminds me of my plan for powla to participate in eXtreme eating...). I got a v. beautfiful spring/summer coat, two pairs of shoes, four shirts, and two dresses. I really don't go shopping often, but when I shop, I shop. and it not over yet.

last night we went to an advanced screening of The Alamo. It was good but too long and dragged a bit in parts. Puis, we walked around on 5th and I went to not one TWO prada stores. I have an affinity for prada shoes, they are so nice. I want prada loafers very badly but alas, I do not have $300 plus. Curse my teenage spending limits. I still have not gone to the Prada store down near Soho which is 20,000 sq ft. It will be a mecca. Through my research I have found that at this store you can trace the indepth history of every item in the store...and the walls in the dressing room change color on command. I wish i was Miuccia Prada, really badly. Speaking of wanting to be an Italian fashion entreprenuer...there is a chance I may go to Italy this summer in august, yep, right after barnard and before the Seva Program at Kripalu. This summer is going to intense.

Today we wandered around the village and then into soho and then over to china town. even though I have no desire for fake designers handbags, I thoroughly enjoy hunting for them on canal st. It was the best today because the police were everywhere so when you found a place that sold illegal bags you were herded into a tiny storage and an angry chinese people yelled at you to get in quickly. then they pull the temporary wall down to hide the from the police, while you stand in the dark half scared, but mostly very amused. We got kicked out of a couple places b/c the cops were coming. this one lady kept screaming at us, "outside! outside! outside! outside!". the whole operation is tres amusing, especially since I don't care and wish the places would get ambushed by police while i was in there. oh the hunt for fake bags is a dangerous one.

finally got my SATs score today...i am not unhappy with my score but I know I can do better. my dad set a score for me before i took the test and said that if I didn't get it I would have to take kaplan. fucker, i got 10 points under what I would've needed to spare my soul of kaplan. not fair. this whole SAT business is nuts. i think i did fine, why does my dad have to care so damn much. oh well, its for my own good.

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hoover blankets [07 Apr 2004|09:03am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, it’s been awhile. But no remorse can be shown because today is the last day of school before spring break, and nothing can bring one down on such a joyous occasion as this.

I just want to go to New York and be there and think “I don’t have to go back to school for over a week”. It will be the highlight thought of my vacation. My plan for New York is to go to many vintage stores. Since I went to the Vintage Dress Sale with Rachel, Nellie, and Stutz last Saturday I have had a yearning to go back and find a nice blazer. On a sad note, I cannot find the white bracelet I bought at the sale (only 50 cents!). I will find a better one, I know I will. Annnnnnnnnd even though I was hesitant about buying the tres yellow pumps at the sale, I did, and now I love them. One dollar for shoes? Very nice. They look very nice in my closet if I do say so myself.

Last week I got my acceptance from Barnard for the summer program. Oh yes, Ali Prince will be a resident of Morningside Heights in NYC for 5 weeks this summer. I have weekends off, so many fine young kids should come visit and party. While filling out the return forms for Columbia, it struck me that I could wind up sharing a dorm with some odd person like Jackie did at Simon’s Rock. Please spare me. My goal for my stay at Barnard is to master the subway, because it has dawned on me that my incapability when it comes to underground transportation cannot be tolerated anymore.
-Go Barnard for accepting me.

I really want mondo bread right now. Mmm. I am planning on doing some serious dining while in new york…I digress.

I will now take time to advertise a certain hairstylist at Jean Paul Spa in Stuyvesant Plaza? Why? you ask…Well, mother told me to. And besides she is awesome. I hate getting my haircut because of the people there. They are all so seemingly egotistical and overly done up. But, the girl I had last night was not. Her name is Fabian and she went to Names up until 8th grade, where of course she hated it and went to Albany High. She followed The Dead around in 11th grade, which makes my life a little more depressing every time I think about it. She is a hippie hairstylist, and nothing can be better than that. Go Fab. Anyway, everyone should go to her, she isn’t expensive, and that’s all I have to say about that.

i couldn't help itCollapse )

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we need to make friends with the insects [20 Mar 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Alors, I have not written in the delightful world that is livejournal for quite some time. There will be no apologies because no apologies are due.

Just finished reading Willa Cather’s “A Wagner Matinee”, a truly wonderful piece of literature and even though it was an assigned reading and therefore cannot be considered a true “sit down and read something” moment, I still enjoyed it profusely. Willa Cather has always been one of those authors I secretly love and admire and never speak of to anyone merely and pathetically (on my part) because I want her all to myself and I do not want anyone else’s opinions of neither her nor her literature clouding my already established and personally accepted view of her. That is all I am going to say on the topic because I have already revealed too much. :: personal ode to willa cather::

I watched Mars Attacks (exclamation point? I am not sure, so I will not risk it and point one) earlier today…by far my favorite Tim Burton film. It has one of those all-star (did I just write “all-star”?...:::shudder:::) casts and is such a well done spoof of alien invasion movies that you take it seriously sometimes. What I find most interesting about spoofs is that you cannot make fun of them, because, well they are in essence already making fun of what you the audience would make fun of if it were a serious movie, but it is not.

It really bothers me to write about anything that is merely reporting what I already know to people who already know about it anyway, but, I will talk about last night’s semi-formal. Hmm, well, I really wish I were done going to high school dances but alas, I am still in high school so, I feel compelled to go so I do not look back on high school twenty years from now and regret not going to the tacky and overly anticipated events that are reserved for people who have no life, namely, everyone in high school. Well, I was surprised how many people attended and even more surprised that the school put up a tiki man on top of the “tree of life” near the concession stand, made my night I don’t know about everyone else. Kudos to my mother for making me straps for my dress. Small pink ribbon straps really are the difference between a holy names whore and a holy names prodigy. Yes, I think so.

I know I am going to end up doing my history case study Wednesday night, so I am not going to procrastinate about it, because I know I will anyway. Instead, I am going to go watch/listen to the Amelie commentary which almost rivals the lotr’s commentary with the hobbits (will I never be able to not related everyone to lotr? I think not). Want so much to see more of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films.

vail picturesCollapse )

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[06 Mar 2004|06:48pm]
what have they done to my martha?
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[28 Feb 2004|05:13pm]
There is so much for me to be doing. Instead, I am watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, my favorite show. Curbin' it to the highest extreme.

I have nothing to write about, but, I really do.

Seinfeld is coming out on DVD soon, which fills one of the multiple dozen voids in my life. My personal statement for the Barnard program needs to be written. I cannot wait until June. Cannot wait.

I went to an entire week of school this week. Horrah for moi. It was quite an accomplishment for me, I think most can agree to that.

My mother just got a new car. It is very choice. I get her car now, which is good (cd player and very fast) but I cannot abandon white saab. Speaking of inanimate objects that I truly love, my new snowboard is awesome. I can go so fast, even though I did not go fast at all last night at ski club. I hate jiminy. I hate ice. I had a panic attack on the chair lift. I imagine I loosened my binding too much before getting on the lift, so when the lift took off my board fell, but not completely because I had my leash on. Bless that little leash. Bless it. I hardly wear my leash but I am damn glad I was. The whole lift ride I was flipping out and trying to get back into my board, which is difficult for me because my bindings are silly. I eventually did. Thanks to Erin and Stutzman for helping a child in need out.

I just read a book about a the statue of liberty (does it really matter why? no.). It was quite interesting. Did you know that it was supposed to greet the Suez Canal? I bet you didn't.

I got my longchamp bag. It is so dear, and it folds up so nicely. I would post a pic of it but I am too lazy.

This entry was more stupid than the fight to ban gay marriage. I am going to end it before I make it worse. out.
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twoeighty. [20 Feb 2004|07:10pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i have returned

before i start this entry (gasp! is that what's she's doing? i was so unsure and confused), i need to note that my father is trying to get out of getting his hair cut tomorrow because it is the sabbath. religious mockery never ceases to amuse me.

so, ali is back. did anyone miss me? well, you should have. colorado was amazing, except that vail sits at 8,000 feet and the summit at 11,000. I never was able to clear my ears, which is the most annoying thing that can happen to you. I felt like I was living inside a balloon the whole time and my voice was an echo. (echo...echo..echo <--i couldn't help it) Many people get altitude sickness in Vail. Another unfortunate side-effect of the altitude is that you get tired really easily. REALLY easily. But, of couse i did not feel these effects because I was too busy with a cold. Curse riding on airplanes with ill people. Curse them. Vail has such little oddities, for instance, there are no steet lights. Oh no, Vail is too cool for these. They have rotaries instead, rotaries everywhere. They are the most ridiculous things ever invented, and no one knows how to use them so they are really unsafe too. Whoever invented rotaries is a sick sick sick person. I know they are sitting up in heaven (or whereever the hell you go, this isn't an insightful entry), laughing to themselves, watching people drive around and around and around. It actually sounds like some I would do... In addition to rotaries, the speed limit on the main/highway road is 75 mph, which means everyone goes 85 mph, and if you're my brother Daniel (and you like to endanger your life and the life of those around you) you drive 100 mph. The mountains are breathtaking (literally, because you can't breath there right). I took many pictures, but I don't have my camera to upload them, so I will post them in a week...or two...or never. we'll see.

Flying alone is the choice way to go. It's too hectic traveling with friends/family especially my mother who needs to grasp my hands and close her eyes while there is turbulence. My first flight from albany to cicinnati *pause* ok, it's not really cincinnati. they just call it that because, i don't remember why. i really flew into kentucky. Yes, the great state of Kentucky and I finally met. Don't worry, I got a Kentucky t-shirt and some postcards. you have to take baby steps to go to kentucky. one day I will actually leave the airport and set foot on the earth that is kentucky *unpause* was fine. the flight from pseudo-cincinnati to denver was HELL. Fire and brimstone galore. I had to sit next to these two honkey tonks. I like southern accents and all, but there are two very distinct southern accents: the nice, polite one and the one that make you sound like you have the IQ of a potato. Which accent did these people have? The potato IQ one. They spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what 125 times 25 is. I am not kidding. The whole time all I was thinking was, "3125. 3125. 3125." granted i did not come up with the answer instantly, it took me a sec, but I got it. in less than twenty minutes. On top of their stupidity with multiplication, one of them kept complaining how small the seat was and sitting his bulbous elbows on my side of the seat and spreading out his obnoxiously long legs into MY leg room. I wanted to back hand him, but aggression is never the answer on airplanes, even though it seems the most logical, there is no place to excape to. so while this potato-IQ monkey was sprawling his disgusting honkey self around, he started to stomp is leg furiously on the floor and then proceeded to slap his girlfriend's thigh (i am guessing it was his girlfriend, but who knows. I was in central u.s., they could be brother and sister). It is moments like that when I realize that it is never safe leaving my beloved new york.

When I arrived in Denver I was suprised to learn that I got to take a train to the baggage collection. It was qutie a humorous ride because while we were boarding, the door started to close and this child got stuck between the closing doors which made the mother scream in hysteria. We opened the door and then another 30 people boarded while someone propped open the door. The computer voice in the train started getting pissed and kept saying: you are delaying the departure of this train, YOU are delaying the departure of this train, etc.) Oh, how I love fake computer voices.

This entry is getting out of hand long, so I am going to wrap it up soon.

The plane rides were not complete loses though. I finished The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (author of Tuesdays with Morrie) and began Woman: An Intimate Geography. Woman is the greatest book. Everything you wanted to know and tons you did not. Hear me roar. The plane ride back was fine. My plane to Atlanta was the biggest plane I have ever ridden on. Two seats on each side and three in the middle. The people in front of me were all english and kept playing cards, even though they were across the aisle from one another. No problem for them. They just threw the cards to one another, over the beverage cart, behind people who were passing. It was like a show. There was another train in Atlanta because it is such a huge airport. I love trains in airports. I discovered that there is an airline named Ted. TED! Ha! Does it get better than that? I need to fly somewhere that they do. Ted! it cracks me up. The plane ride back to Albany was fun, especially because the little girl across the aisle was two and her name was Claudia. Little children with adult names are the greatest. Claudia was no exception.

Snowboarding: My new board is the coolest and it has been named Piper J.R. (not piper junior. piper J.R. --like the J.R. of Dallas. do you kids even remember Dallas?) I had some trouble the first run because my board is considerably longer than my old one, but I got the hand of it. Snowboarding/skiiing in Vail is indescribable, well not really, but it's difficult to convey just how amazing it is. First of all, the mountain in like 50 times the size of Hunter. That's like 150 times the size of Jiminy (i hate that place by the way, but that's off topic). The trails are SO wide and long and nice and I wish I were there now. You are surrounded by mountain on all sides (it's called a bowl). The only thing is that you cannot do diamonds there because all the diamonds have moguls. No matter it was fun nonetheless. I had another muffin related argument at the summit lodge, very much like the one in nyc at the 3rd street bakery. Oh muffin. You are the greatest.

Ok, I am out. I have some phone calls to make. Adios.
oh bugger, i should have put these obese entry in a cut, but i am lazy sorry.

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that chair...is...AGONY... [07 Feb 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I do not think I have ever been so neurotic about what I am going to do this coming summer. I know why I am like this at least. I know that I need to know that I am going to be going somewhere new. I have almost settled on a college program, where basically I would be paying to live in the New York for six weeks, and I don’t get college credits, but no program is perfect. There is still the side of the me who wants to perfect my kayaking skills, meaning I would go everyday and prepare for some serious trips to the rivers in the south. Even though kayaking can drain you physically, it is still amazing. Third on the list of what to do this summer is volunteer work, which I am sure I will end up doing no matter what so it really does not qualify as an option, but I like to consider it one to fool myself into thinking that I have been seriously brooding over the topic.

I am so happy that the first time I will ride it I will be in Vail. Oh, did you know that lift tickets in Vail are $75? I get some kind of discount because of my sister’s job, but it’s only ten dollar or so. Damn overpriced lift ticket. It’s robbery I tell you! Who really owns the mountains I ask? Who? Oh well, I am going to go and pay the ludicrous prices because I have been looking forward to snowboarding in Vail for two years. It is so close…only three days away! School is definitely second on my important list when it comes to traveling. At least I had time to unpack from my last trip before packing for Vail. God bless snow days.

Speaking of the snow day last Friday, I made my mother watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s (aka Breaky at Tiffany’s). Mother said she never sat through it the whole way, so I made her. She was not impressed with the movie at all. How terribly wrong she is. I have been watching that movie at least ten times a year since I was in the second grade (I know, I was a strange yet glamorous child). Mother proved, yet again, to disapprove of something I am very fond of. She did however tell me this bit of trivia: Did you know that Mickey Rooney, who plays Holly’s Japanese neighbor Mr. Yunioshi, is an American! I do not know how I did not know this! Foolish ali for not being able to more quickly identify Japanese imposters.

Goodbye Quote: “I cannot deny that I think very highly of him, that I greatly esteem him, that I like him” -Sense and Sensibility

Cannot forget to mention this:: I am getting my new snowboard tomorrow. It is gorgeous, and because I am so proud of it I am going to show it off, in a truly arrogant manner: my new love, but second to white saab of courseCollapse )

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if there's a whip, there's a way... [03 Feb 2004|08:55am]
this entry, an immensely tardy one at that, will be brief. I am in project discovery make-up, a world consisting of an incoherent nun, faking work, and feeling lousy for not being more motivated. what ev. i am out of here in ten minutes and on to leadership class which, if it is terrible and I imagine it will be because it it taught by a pastey woman (the worst of that sort), I am dropping it.

this week is painful to think about. so, i only think about next wednesday and seeing my sister and snowboarding and swimming and walking around town and being away for a little while, which always makes me appreciate home and my friends a little more than I already do.

---wish i was having an mk & a and pb& j party instead of a pd1 party---

i will write more soon, when the chaos of my life settles and I have time to think clearly and relay, in some coherent manner, the events of my life these past weeks.

two goodbye quotes: "What if I am looking for a bathroom, I can't find one, and...my...bladder explodes."
"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I" (if you guess where these quotes are from, there will be a special place in heaven for you)
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as i hold this cold meat, i am reminded of winston [24 Jan 2004|11:00pm]
I am offically going to vail now (it's in colorado...what? I said colorado). and not only am i going to vail, i am flying there for an extremely cheap price, a price that i am so proud of. i am the master of finding flights. this will be my first time flying alone, little ali will be all by her lonesome. I don't mind that i have to fly alone, I just hope I don't miss a connection or something, and that I am not seated next to some dufus, like I was on the flight to texas (she would not stop fidgeting!). vail will be amazing. I miss my sister so much and cannot wait to see her.

plan: exams. six days of school. go to vail (i am missing three days, that's right folks...i am missing more school. i could write a thesis on it: anti-attendance: the solution to the misery of highschool.

I did much less studying for mid-terms today than I planned on doing. Taking a hike with the dogs and mother sounded so much more appealing than plaguing my brain with various comical aspects of american history.

I just finished organizing digiphotos of mine and I realized i never posted my holly ball pictures. it's extremely late and irrational to post them now, but that's the way it's going to be...

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where am i? [23 Jan 2004|07:42pm]
"don't call her al"
"because she is not al capone...call her alex"

why is everyone constantly discussing/commenting/critiquing my name?

Texas was the greatest. I love Texas, even though I could not find a texas shirt that did not fit me like a nightgown. My cousin Nickolas is the most intelligent and sweet two and a half year old in existence. I seriously can hold conversations with him, even though every five seconds he is asking, "what's that?". Oh, how inquisitive a child is. Nickolas looks just like everyone in my family, proving the theory that the Basiardanes gene always wins. Always wins. He started calling me "allah" nearing the end of my visit, which was amusing because it was as if he was a petite little muslim praying to me. We went to Fredericksburg whose population consists of many many German people, they are cool people though. My uncle timmy bought a ranch there and is starting to build a house on the land in a couple weeks. We scouted the land on the four-wheeler, a vehicle I love, but not as much as white saab. never as much as white saab.

When I returned to school, everyone kept saying, "hey! ali prince? where have you been? you miss a lot of school don't you?" answers: "hi. texas. yes." Indeed, I do miss quite a bit of school, which I know ticks off my teachers because they realize I don't need them as much as they think I do. I think two days of school for me is sufficient. Anything I do not understand can be clarified in two days time.

I should be studying for mid-terms right now, but I have not been online in a week and a half (gasp!) so I felt a little slacking was acceptable. Everytime midterms/finals come around the teachers always tell us, "Now girls, start studying now. Don't wait for the weekend before. A little everyday will help a lot." I take this advice seriously, but I never do it.

I should be at ski club right now, but I could not attend for various legitimate reasons. Tomorrow I get new bindings (i cracked my other ones. cracked them. i know, i am so extreme that way.) and am going to get Hunter Mtn. Sushi, which is the best sushi I have come across in my journeys around america. Oh crunchy roll, you are so fine.

To do: upload pictures from texas. pronto. study for mid-terms. find class ring (i know! I cannot believe I lost it either! I lose everything, but usually eventually find it so I am not completely depressed about my loss yet). arrange trip for over february break (ali cannot handle staying in one place for too long a time). call aunt arlene to arrange possible visit to nyc.

it's difficult not to quote one of the best seinfeld episodes ever, especially when you are watching it right now: maybe the dingo ate your baby.
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clementines [14 Jan 2004|12:00pm]
You know you are friends with the most choice people in the world when discussions, that occur before eight o’clock mind you, are on the following topics: pedophile German pediatricians, the Times forty-page article on having a good sex life, getting sexually aroused when thinking of Barcelona (i hope that’s not true), the inability of Iowa people to vote, the issue of whether or not females should be astronauts, making paula feel bad for forgetting to bring in my mambo cd, whether or not below zero temperatures should be grounds for a snow day, determining the actual age of stutzman’s sister, whether or not jocie truly likes france, lfo lyrics, grotesque-looking Shakespeare books. Julipanna wins the award today for best quote… “Fine Paula, you can get your little apron and get into the kitchen and make some meringue!” “Rachel is allergic to meringue you guys…” “Yes, I am.” “Oh Rachel!”

In other news besides incoherent conversations that were too early in the morning to really be called conversations….

I am going to Texas on Saturday, which is amazing. Love Texas. Love Texas. All you people out there who hate Texas and have never been there, you know who you are, are very confused little children. I finally get to wear all the clothes I bought at Urban Outfitters…and what’s more, I have mapped out where the Urban Outfitters are in the areas of Texas I am going to be visiting. **wish there was one in Albany…

I must include in this entry the most ridiculous argument I have ever had with my mother (and there have been quite a few)…EVER

Scene: Price Chopper. Last Sunday evening. Check-out line.

Mom: (while she unloads the clementines I put in our cart) Go get other clementines! These are from some strange country! Get ones from California!
Ali (runs frantically across supermarket to produce section, not a very glamorous moment. Searches for other clementines, cannot find ones from California, so decides to take ones from Spain. Runs back in line.)
Mom: Where are those from?
Ali: Spain.
Mom: I told you to get ones from California!
Ali: Mom! It’s Spain, it’s a highly developed and advanced country!
Mom: I don’t care! I don’t want them from a strange country!
Ali: Mom! It’s Spain! What are you talking about?
----sixteen year old boy who is checking us out starts to become afraid-----
Mom: I told you to get them from California!
Ali: Mom! Do you realize what you are arguing with me about? You are arguing over citrus fruit!
16-year-old scared boy checking us out: Uh, do you want the clementines?
Ali: YES.

After we got home, my mother realized what a maniac she was being. To bother her, I have been leaving my clementine peelings around the house. It was Sunday night though and my mother is always c-r-a-z-y Sunday nights. In fact, she tried to cancel our Texas trip the same night as the clementine incident.

Ok, goal for the juniors before we graduate: we need to start as many clubs as we possibly can. Film Club was just the beginning. AHN will not be able to handle it all. It is going to be grand. So far on the list we have: Breakfast Club or Breakfast and Politics Club (discussing current events while eating breakfast foods), Fitness Club (only people who have a normal BMI (no anorexics!) can join, not really. But it’s fun to pretend that we could exclude people based on their weight and height), Book Club (self-explanatory), hmmm what else? Am I forgetting one? We had so many during pictures today…what about a Eastern European Club, or perhaps a We’re Better Than You Club?
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[09 Jan 2004|02:14pm]
the application is up. its up to you now folks...

where to begin? first, I need to say that sleeping four hours is always a wise idea. no one really needs eight hours...its a waste of life.

In America is by far the greatest movie I have seen all year. if you have not seen it...see it (that bit was a little predictable. oh well).

this week has been so busy. I have not had five minutes to just sit down and what's more bothersome is that my New Yorkers are piling up. I think I have five to read...no, maybe eight. I need a nice free weekend to do that, but that is not going to be the case this weekend.

i have had a song from Anastasia in my mind for three days now and I have not even seen the movie recently so I cannot imagine why. must write lyrics...must get them in some other brain besides mine...
Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg...Have you heard, what they're saying on the streets? (yes, that is all I know...but the chorus is followed by traditional Russian dancing which is always an amusing seen to have in one's mind)

bless madame. she fully agrees that i can skip a year in french. it's all up to the vig now.

. movies that ali wants to see...
1. big fish (should've seen it a week ago in california. smacks head in a homer simpson d'oh! fashion)
2. rotk (again)
3. in america (again)
4. cold mountain
5. calendar girls (even though the thought of naked post-menapause women frightens me to no end)
6. the cooler ( Jan 16)
7. the triplets of belleville (feb. 6)
8. the barbarian invasions (feb 13)
9. definitely will not see monster though. looks horrible. don't like christina ricci normally, esp. will not like her as a paste ball)
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